On Page Optimisation

Website Experts break down your website into various pages as they are and look in to optimising each page and its content, everything done to make your content readable by search engines is called On Page Optimisation.

Why is On Page Optimisation important?

Search engines have a different method of reading the content on your website, it is not too different from how humans read but it will be helpful to write the content the way Search Engines understand, this is where optimisation comes in, read through the below paragraph and you will get a fair idea of Optimisation techniques are and how they are used in writing the content for your website.

Optimised Page Title is one of the important factors search engines use to identify specific content in the net and throw results to for a user’s query, page titles must reflect the exact content on each page of your website.

Optimised Meta tags are so called keywords which are used in a specific industry, incorporating such right keywords will help the search engines to index your site in the related industry.

Optimised Meta descriptions are nothing but short description of what your website is all about, can also be a brief detail about a particular web page of your site or the brief about your website as a whole

Optimised H1, H2 and H3 tags are headings for paragraphs of content in your website, these should be chosen carefully to so that content for each paragraphs are identified through such headings, must be unique to each paragraph and sometimes for the page itself .

Meta keywords which reflect the right contents specific to your website, such keywords are often used in writing up the content in your website and are put together as tags in the code.

Image Alt text and image titles which enhance the user interfaces and also search engines look to crawl and index your website

Robots/ robot text by which Website Experts direct the search engines bots to crawl the right content on your website and disallow specific content which should never be shown on any search engine results

So if you would like to tap into massive pool of online users and do some business with them, you must look in to how you can make your website recognised by search engines, search engines use various methods, techniques to scan the whole internet and index websites so that they can deliver best

Website Experts carry out in detailed optimisation analysis of your web project to identify what keywords must be used straight at the beginning and then write content.

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